Top 10 Luxury Bicycles Created by Car Brands



Ford. Ford’s E-Bike Concept looks like a track demon. It was presented at 25 September 2011 at Frankfurt Auto Show. His frame made of aluminum and carbon fiber and very lightweight – 2.5 kilograms or 5,5 pounds. Electric motor is integrated in the front wheel hub and powered by a li-ion battery hidden inside the frame. Company claims that this bike can easy integrate rider and battery power via an “integrated controller and magneto restriction technology” which was developed for Formula One. The drive system includes “Shimano Alfine” 11-speed internal gear hub and a “2012 Shimano Rapidfire” shifter. Traditional chain is replaced by “Carbon Belt Drive System” for more lighter and proximate transfer of energy. This E-Bike can drive-through up to 85km on a full charge and its maximum speed is 25 km/h. We can’t imagine the future cost of it!

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