Unbelievable Creatures of 21 Century. 8 pics + video

In 1990, a new species was born.  It was not formed from the cross-breeding of existing creatures.  It didn’t evolve from a simple to a complex organism. Theo Jansen calls his kinetic sculptures “Animari.” The creatures walk in herds on beaches, powered only by the wind.


It sprung from the hands of a Dutch artist whose imagination and technical knowledge somehow turned plastic yellow tubes into graceful beach faring creatures. Jansen wasn’t always a creator of life. He once studied physics, later quitting to become a painter. He caused near-panic in a town with his homemade “UFO” and invented an amazing painting machine in the following years. In 1990, he found the happy medium between physics and art with the creation of Animari. Since then Theo Jansen has been engaged in creating new forms of life, most notably in the form of skeletal beach animals.

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