Top 10 Plants For Your Energy & Health

10. Cinnamon


Cinnamon is popular for its use in cooking, making pumpkin pie and other assorted goodies incredibly delicious. It is also sometimes used by teens as a coming-of-age ritual wherein they eat a huge spoonful of cinnamon and see how long they can last without a drink, as the cinnamon removes all the moisture from their mouth.
But there are many surprising, and much less insane uses for cinnamon. The plant has been found useful for fighting congestion, is high in antioxidants and has anti-microbial properties. It has also been found to be useful for preventing the onset of diabetes. However, it has more than health benefits; cinnamon has also been found to be excellent at improving cognitive function and memory, and can help fight Alzheimer’s. And, while we don’t want to know how you got a yeast infection (and neither does your mother,) eating cinnamon can help treat those as well.

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